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Meet The Team

We utilize a safer and more effective method, new to the industry. This technique utilizes a safer process of first applying a diluted cleaning mixture based on the material being cleaned, allowing it time to work (dwell), and then gently rinsing to remove the cleaning solution, algae, mold, and other contaminants. 

Trevis Jordan

I started out as a full time firefighter paramedic in the DFW area while providing pressure washing services on the side. Over the years we have now grown into a full time local business. I am fueled by my passion to provide outstanding quality and top tier customer support. 


This passion stems from years with the fire department and serving the community. This has all  been the key to the success of starting and growing empire pressure washing into what it is today.

Trevis - Fire Fighter - Empire Pressure Washing DFW
Owner / Operator
Jakob - Fire Fighter - Empire Pressure Washing DFW

Jakob Christian

We understand your home or business is very important to you and rest assured you are in the right place. We can design a custom plan that specifically targets your properties demands. Our goal is to earn your business, deliver tremendous quality results and maintain our clients for life. Trevis and I believe in high standards for quality and the customer experience.


At Empire we see the company not only as a service business, but as a customer experience business.  I hope you get to see it too.

Client Relations / Admin
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