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Gutter Cleaning in Dallas, TX

Call in the number one gutter cleaning and pressure washing company in Dallas, TX. Empire Pressure Washing specialises in a number of gutter cleaning services in Dallas, Northern Texas, and the surrounding areas.


We can help provide specialist services, including gutter cleaning, maintenance, and ivy and moss removal.

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We use the latest gutter cleaning techniques, equipment, and cleaning solutions to ensure your gutter remains in tip-top shape. We use powerful and environmentally friendly power washing tools to power wash gutters so that mud, leaves, moss, and anything else blocking them is removed quickly and efficiently.

When you reach out to us at Empire Pressure Washing, we will arrange the most convenient time for you to meet up and take care of all your gutter cleaning needs. Simply call us and we will discuss your project before giving you our most competitive free quote. We can assure you that you will not find a more affordable gutter cleaning service in Dallas.

Our team of gutter cleaning specialists has a ton of experience and knows how to clean the gutters safely and without causing any damage to your property. They will get the job done in a timely manner and leave your property cleaner than when they arrived.

The Importance of Gutter Cleaning in Dallas, TX

It is not easy to clean gutters, and that is why so many people instead choose to neglect them. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Unfortunately, continually ignoring them will just lead to further problems. Besides, if your own time is the reason for the neglect, simply call in a professional gutter cleaning specialist from Empire Pressure Washing!

Here are the main reasons you should not avoid cleaning your gutters:

  • Potential Roof Damage

When debris such as leaves gets in the gutters, it can clog them up. To be honest, we have witnessed this more often than we would like. Homeowners do not realise the damage that a clogged-up gutter can cause. If you do not use a gutter cleaning service to remove the clog, eventually water will spill over the gutter. That can lead to expensive but avoidable roof rot damage.

  • Pests

Not only that! While a clogged gutter may not appeal to you, it will to insects, ants, mosquitos, pests, critters, cockroaches, and even birds. They will love nesting in the clogged gutter, especially because of the many damp leaves scattered around.

  • Damage Fascia

Without a regular power wash, clogged gutters can also cause damage to the fascia behind the gutter. Again, this is often down to the water overflowing. The fascia is another important part of any guttering and is also another part often neglected.

  • Drowned Gardens

Yes, you read that right. A clogged gutter can even harm the plant life in your garden. An overflow can drown the flowers and plants in your garden by drawing them. They love water, but not vast quantities of it! As you can see, a gutter cleaning cost could work out cheaper than all this potential damage.

  • Foundation Cracks

Now on to potentially the most expensive and dangerous one of all. Clogged gutters can lead to water overspilling into your property's foundations. That alone is not overly dangerous, but in colder conditions, the water can freeze and put pressure on those foundations. Eventually, cracks can appear. Over time, additional cracks can appear while existing cracks will increase in size.

Why Choose Empire Pressure Washing for Your Gutter Cleaning in Dallas, TX?

If you’re looking for high-quality gutter cleaning services in Dallas or anywhere across Northern Texas, you have landed in the right place. Want to know why we’re the gutter cleaners to trust? Then, check out the reasons below:

  • We offer a fast turnaround on all residential and commercial gutter cleaning services. No job is too big or small!

  • Our professional gutter cleaning specialists are experienced and effective and arrive with a smile.

  • Our gutter washing and pressure washing services are priced affordably and competitively

  • We offer high levels of professionalism and timeliness

  • Our services are environmentally friendly

  • We cover Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, and all across Northern Texas

  • Empire Pressure Washing is a locally run and family-owned small business

  • We provide quotes quickly and without cost

So, ready to get your gutter back to its best? Then let Empire Pressure Washing come and give the tender loving care that it needs before causing long-term damage to your property. We are the number one gutter cleaning and pressure washing company in Dallas - let us show you why!

Call Empire Pressure Washing today at 817-903-0265 and we will explain the environmentally friendly and professional gutter cleaning services we provide. Once booked, we will arrive on time, we a hearty smile, and with the equipment and skills needed to clean your clogged gutters quickly and effectively.

Fully Licensed and Insured
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Background Check Cleared 2022

The pressure washing community in Dallas Fort Worth area typically still use the outdated methods of cleaning your home.


We utilize a safer and more effective method, new to the industry. This technique utilizes a safer process of first applying a diluted cleaning mixture based on the material being cleaned, allowing it time to work (dwell), and then gently rinsing to remove the cleaning solution, algae, mold, and other contaminants. 

This process will provide you with the best pressure washing cleaning experience on the market.


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