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Building Pressure Washing in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX

Office Buildings are large and can quickly collect the natural elements.

Let us pressure wash your Office Buildings, keeping them tidy and clean for new prospected renters. With our industry leading hot wash method, we can get things cleaner, quicker.

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Ensuring your business building maintains a welcoming and professional look is not always easy. There are many factors working against you such as the weather, pollution, grease, dirt, mildew, graffiti, and bird droppings that can make your walls, windows, roof, and gutter look dirty. That is why you will often have to make use of building pressure washing in Dallas, TX or the surrounding areas. 

At Empire Pressure Washing, we provide the best building washing services in the state. We can bring your office building back to its former glory by removing all the aforementioned blemishes using customized pressure washing techniques. Using a variety of water pressures and temperatures alongside biodegradable cleaning detergents, we can safely rid any North Texas business building of dirt and stains.



The Top Benefits of Building Pressure Washing in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX


Your building is the face of your business, so if it looks dirty, it does not give the best impression of your business overall. However, that is not the only reason you should consider building washing as there are many other benefits it can bring.

  • Improves the Curb Appeal of Your Business: If you ever consider selling your building or leasing out space, having good curb appeal is vital. You will struggle to do either if your building looks dirty and poorly maintained. Building washing can actually add value to your property. Plus, a clean building also benefits your business. Your employees will enjoy working in clean and safe facilities while clients will form a good first impression of your business when visiting the office. 

  • Prevents the Need for Repairs: Many of the substances that make your building look ugly can also damage it over time. Mold and mildew growth, dirt, and droppings will eventually cause rot and other types of damage to emerge. By using regular building washing services, you can mitigate that risk and save yourself money in the long run. 

  • Can Clean Other Associated Spaces: When you use building washing services, it is not just the building itself that benefits. Other areas associated with your office building can benefit from power washing as well. For instance, if you have sidewalks or any walkways on the outside of your building, you can power wash those as well. It can remove stains, mold, dirt, gum, and bird droppings that can make your building look unsightly. 

  • Helps to Protect Against Injury and Promotes Health: Building power washing is also important for the health of your employees working in your office. It will eliminate harmful substances such as pollen, pollutants, algae, dust, and bird droppings. These can all damage our health through issues such as diseases, trouble breathing, and allergies. Also, some can cause accidents in the workplace. People can slip and fall if your surfaces contain substances such as mold, grease or oil.  

  • Will Remove Graffiti: While graffiti does not hold the same safety risks as mold, mildew, grease and bird droppings, it can really make your building look undesirable and poorly maintained. That can put off customers or clients from doing business with you. By using our building washing services, we can remove that paint and restore the building’s respectable and professional look. 

Why Choose Empire Pressure Washing for your Building Pressure Washing in Dallas, TX? 


If you are looking for building power washing services in North Texas, you can count on Empire Pressure Washing to deliver the best around. Why? There are many reasons why you can trust us to restore the beauty of your business building. Take a look:

  • We are a local family-owned North Texas business

  • We are fully licensed and insured

  • The cleaning solutions we use are environmentally friendly

  • We use the latest methods, tools and equipment to ensure a top-quality result every time

  • We have a team of experienced, skilled, and dedicated pressure washing experts

  • Our team is friendly, personable, and always happy to answer any questions or queries

  • Our services are priced better than most of our competitors

  • We provide quick quotes so that we can get started on your project as quickly as possible

  • Our team works in a clean and timely manner and is highly professional

  • We offer our services all across North Central Texas including Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Richardson, and Irving

  • 100% satisfaction is guaranteed

Like our many previous customers, we will leave you extremely happy with the quality of our building washing services in Dallas, Fort Worth, and other cities and towns in North Central Texas. Get in touch and we can explain our services in more detail, discuss the potential project, and give you a quick quotation.


Call Empire Pressure Washing today at 817-903-0265 to schedule one of our building washing services. We can quickly clean your building and return it to its former beauty. 

Fully Licensed and Insured
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Background Check Cleared 2022

The pressure washing community in Dallas Fort Worth area typically still use the outdated methods of cleaning your home.


We utilize a safer and more effective method, new to the industry. This technique utilizes a safer process of first applying a diluted cleaning mixture based on the material being cleaned, allowing it time to work (dwell), and then gently rinsing to remove the cleaning solution, algae, mold, and other contaminants. 

This process will provide you with the best pressure washing cleaning experience on the market.


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