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5 Top Cleaning Tips to Get Your Church Back in Shape

Updated: Jun 21

Are you in search of ways to clean your church's exterior? While your congregation will always rightfully be at the top of your priorities, you also need to take daily care of your place of worship. A church receives a lot of traffic, so it is no wonder they can get rough around the edges on occasion. The key to combating this is to ensure it receives adequate maintenance. Not just on the inside either, as the external aspects of your church are the first thing visitors see. Why give them a reason to consider going elsewhere when with a little love, you can restore your church to its beautiful former glory?

So, if you’re looking for some tips on cleaning the exterior of your church, you’re in the right place. Here are some tips for church exterior cleaning to ensure that your church looks clean, tidy, and fresh:

Pressure wash your exterior siding or walls

Exterior walls accumulate organic grime and can get discolored due to salt residue and dirt during fall and winter. Use a power washer with a coating of detergent or concentrated cleaner to clean it off within 15-20 minutes. Hire a professional to use the proper PSI for power washing or pressure washing the exterior of your church.

Clean roofing extensions

Assess your roofing extensions by standing on a ladder and removing any excess leaves and organic matter that may cause structural stress or clog your gutters. Use a curved extension wand on low pressure to clean your gutters out.

Clean roofing shingles

Clean your roofing shingles with a mixture of water and concentrated cleaner via a spraying attachment on your garden hose, leave it for 15-20 min, and clean in full with only water. This is NOT a DIY job, and you should hire a local roofing company for this.

Clean windows/doors

Use a hose and a little bit of detergent or dish soap via a spraying attachment to clean the dirt, grime, and salt residue that accumulates during winter.

Clean walkways/driveways/parking lots

Use a pressure washer to remove dirt, oil stains, leaves, moss, mildew, or anything unsightly from these areas. Cleaning these areas helps boost the curb appeal of your church's exterior and saves you time and elbow grease. Be sure to clean the dumpster pad regularly to avoid attracting unwanted rodents, creatures, and smells.

Get outside help - Call in an experienced Pressure Washing company to handle your church cleaning needs.

As you can see, the regular maintenance of your church exterior requires a lot more than you probably realized. In most cases, this is not something you will be able to handle yourself or from within the church itself. If that is the case, contact a professional church cleaning service that knows how to treat your pace or worship with respect while returning its aesthetic beauty back to its best. This will allow you to concentrate on your congregation while the church cleaners go about their job in a professional and respectful manner.

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