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Hiring Professional Roof Cleaning Experts – Safety & Quality End Results!

A roof is a home's first line of defense against the elements. If it's not in top shape, your family and property are at risk. Therefore, homeowners should keep their roofs in good condition throughout the year, and one of the most efficient ways to clean your roof is by hiring a professional. In fact, unless you are qualified to get onto a roof, you should never try to clean it yourself.

The best solution is to hire a qualified roof cleaning company. By choosing experts to carry out the task, you are not putting yourself at risk, and if you hire the right contractor, the cleaning will be carried out to a professional standard giving you a high-quality end result.

Expert roof cleaning services can remove moss, debris, algae, and other types of buildup on your roof. Freeing your roof from these obstructions can also enhance your roof’s ability to reflect the sun.

What is the Best Method to Clean a Roof?

When it comes to cleaning your roof, there are a number of methods you can try. However, as mentioned above, you should hire a professional roof cleaning service. You can then discuss your options with an expert who has plenty of experience.

Here are some of the options your roof cleaning expert will suggest depending on your roof:

· High-pressure air blower: This will clean off visible debris from your roof. Most professionals will book you in, but not give you an exact date if they use this method. They will usually keep your job in mind and come over to perform the task on cloudy days. Otherwise, the cleaning solution will evaporate too quickly.

· Pressure Washing: If you have a flat roof, roof garden, or the job for an apartment or commercial building roof, pressure washing is usually a great option. However, there are a number of rooves that are not suitable for pressure washing because of the damage it can cause to shingles and the risk of losing your warranty.

· Soft Washing: The best method is to use soft washing. This is a safe and effective method that is proven to remove moss and algae from your roof. Soft washing agents are usually comprised of diluted bleach. One tool the contractor may use is a rubber scraper. This tool won't damage your tiles or cause scratch marks.

Steps to Soft Washing Your Roof – the most used method

The first step in a soft washing process is to apply an eco-friendly cleaning solution to your roof. These can include phosphates, assorted surfactants, and odor-masking scents. Your contractor will usually wear protective clothing while using these cleaning substances. Moreover, he or she should move any plants out of the vicinity as bleach can kill plants in contact with it.

Alternatively, the roof cleaning expert will use a combination of hot water and TSP to clean your roof. This can be done in a sprayer or a bucket. Leave the solution on the surface for at least five minutes. After that, rinse the area with plain water.

The key to the soft wash is not only protecting your roof but also protecting the environment. Be sure to ask whether eco-friendly detergents will be used. Also, ask what risks there are to children and pets after the job is complete. That said, this is all information the roof cleaning expert should offer to you freely.

Why should you avoid pressure washing your roof yourself?

While pressure washing your roof yourself is an affordable option, doing it yourself can be more expensive and damaging than you may bargain for. There is a high risk of rendering your shingles irreparable and this could also avoid any roofing warranty you may have.

The standard PSI rating for a pressure washer is 2,600. That means you should never go over that number. If you can imagine the force (kickback) that pressure will create, it means using a power washer will not only hurt your roof but could cause you to fall off a ladder.

Furthermore, it's not a good idea to use a high-pressure cleaner on a composition shingle roof. That's because the high-pressure water can damage the underlying fabric of the tile. Also, hot water can strip color from the tiles.

In fact, using a high-pressure cleaner on your roof may reduce the useful life of your shingles. Especially if you have an older roof, it's a good idea to get a professional to inspect it before you begin your power washing project.

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