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Removing Old Gum From Concrete - 6 Pro Steps to Take!

If there is one thing worse than actually stepping in old chewing gum, it is seeing the dark spots it leaves behind on your concrete once it is removed. You only have to look at the concrete at any local convenience store to see just how unsightly this looks.

The only way to avoid these dark spots is to remove the gum off the concrete as quickly as possible. Of course, if you have access to an industrial-grade power washer, you can do this without any trouble at all. The problem is, most of you will not have access to such a powerful concrete cleaning device. Never fear, however, as there are other methods you can use to effectively remove chewing gum from concrete. Many are not even that difficult.

Our Gum Removal Tips

The chewing gum removal process becomes more challenging the longer the gum has been attached to the concrete. This is why it is important to remove it straight away. As concrete is porous, the longer gum sits on top, the deeper it can penetrate and thus the harder it is to remove. For that reason, the first thing you need to establish is how long the gum has been there.

Use an Ice Cube to Cool Down the Gum

If you have established the gum is fresh (easy to pot as it is soft), then it is unlikely it has penetrated the concrete. In this case, grab an ice cube and use it to cool the gum and make it hard to the touch. This prevents the gum from sticking to the tools you will use to remove it. This can take a bit of time but eventually, it will reach a temperature that makes it easy to remove.

Use a Scraper on the Gum

If you’re removing old gum from concrete that has hardened over time, your best bet is to use a scraper. Anything that is long and thin such as a putty knife will do the trick. Try not to use anything that has a sharp edge as these could damage the concrete underneath. Work around the edges until you made it far enough underneath to use a bit of leverage to help the removal process.

Grab Some Detergent and a Brush

Sometimes, once you have removed the gum you will notice some is left behind. Removing this is not as difficult as you might imagine. All you need is some dish-cleaning detergent, some water, and a brush with strong bristles. Grab a bowl of hot water and add at least half a tablespoon of the detergent. Let the mixture stand for a good five minutes and then get to work using the brush.

A Final Clean

At this point, you might think the job is done. However, you still need to remove any particles that might have penetrated your concrete. The best way to do this is to dissolve them using vinegar. Just pour it over the area where you removed the gum. Once five minutes have passed, grab a toothbrush and thoroughly scrub the area. Repeat this step several times to ensure you remove every particle of the gum.

Give it One Last Rinse

The only thing left to do now is to give your concrete a final rinse over with cold water. A hose is ideal but even a bucket is good enough to get the job done. Give the affected concrete several rinses to ensure all particles are swept away.

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