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Soft Wash Your House Using a Professional Service

Updated: Mar 29

If you're considering soft washing your house, you may wonder if the process is safe. Using a powerful pressure washer can be the wrong option in some cases, as the water can erode or damage delicate surfaces. Using chemicals to wash your home is also dangerous if you breathe in any of the vapors.

However, there are several ways to do soft washing that are safe and effective. The best method for soft washing a house is probably the one that is done by a professional. These cleaners use chemical solutions that are safe and eco-friendly. They remove hidden bacteria and biological elements that can cause health issues, and if you hire the right company, the chances are, they have carried out hundreds of soft wash projects.

Why Soft Wash My House?

One of the most important reasons to clean the exterior of your home is to increase its curb appeal. A clean home can make a huge difference in the amount of money you can sell your house for. When buyers see the exterior of your home, it makes a great first impression.

A soft wash will also make your outdoor living space more enjoyable. In addition to improving your home's look, it can help protect your landscaping and other materials from harm. As it is such a popular service, there are many companies offering soft wash services.

Why Hire a House Soft Wash Expert?

Soft washing is a low-pressure method of cleaning the outside of a house. It involves a hose that sprays water at the exterior of the house. If done correctly, it should not cause damage.

While a house soft washing is not for everyone, it does have some advantages over other types of cleaning. In addition to removing dirt and grime, it can restore the beauty and luster of surfaces that are marred by aging and neglect.

However, if you decide to clean your home yourself, you'll likely need a ladder, plenty of bottled water, and a garden hose. This can be a risky job if you don't have a safe ladder. Plus, you may not be able to acquire, or you may need to spend time researching eco-friendly chemicals – especially if you have pets or children around.

If you use a professional service, they will likely use a system that uses special nozzles to control water pressure, and as they are the experts, they will know damage limitation techniques. Soft washing is also a safer way to perform certain cleaning functions compared to traditional techniques. For instance, the use of a special detergent is a better choice than using high-pressure water.

You may also want to consider using a soft wash system if you have a home with brick. High-pressure water can damage bricks. Also, soft washing is the better option for delicate home parts like decks. For instance, some types of siding are more susceptible to high pressure like wood panel siding, which will need more attention. Furthermore, another type of siding, stucco, is easier to clean with soft washing.

After reading these points, you may not feel comfortable handling your own house soft wash, but it may be worth the money to hire someone. Generally, a professional will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The Popularity of Soft Wash Services

As a result, soft washing has become more popular than ever. It is also an eco-friendly cleaning process that uses less energy and can save money on repairs and replacements. A professional soft-washing job may require up to four hours of labor. This depends on the square footage of the house, but it’s not an all-day process, while it could take you several days to soft wash your entire house correctly. Therefore, to get the best results, a professional will use the right cleaning solution and the proper pressure. This of this, soft washing saves homeowners time and money.

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