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The Benefits of a Concrete Cleaning Service

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

One of the most used methods to maintain concrete is to hire a concrete cleaning service. Those wise enough to do so understand that they are avoiding the expense involved with the alternative.

That alternative is to neglect essential maintenance and allow costs of repair to unexpectedly drop in out of the blue when those expenses could have been avoided altogether by hiring affordable maintenance services.

Some of the Key Advantages of Hiring a Professional

By using a concrete cleaning contractor, you will extend the lifespan and enhance the appearance of your building. Furthermore, keeping your concrete surfaces clean and in good condition is crucial. A dirty, unkempt concrete surface is not only a safety hazard, but it will also detract from your property’s value.

Unfortunately, most people believe that concrete is an indestructible material. Because of this misconception, it often goes unchecked to a point in which it becomes discolored or damaged. At this stage, the expense of repairs often far outweighs the costs involved had the person responsible for it maintenance arranged regular maintenance.

Which concrete surfaces benefit from cleaning services?

In general, there is no limit to the types of concrete cleaning services you can hire. You can employ the services of an expert to keep your driveway, sidewalk, patio, and other exterior surfaces looking clean and fresh. Furthermore, your contractor will be able to advise you on how to further prevent deterioration.

Here are just some of the surfaces that will benefit from concrete cleaning for both commercial and residential buildings:

  • Commercial: Parking lots, sidewalks and entryways are areas that see a lot of traffic. Removing dirt and debris from these surfaces keeps them safe for your customers, guests, and employees, and can create a more welcoming environment.

  • Residential: The surface of your residential concrete can become dirty and discolored, especially if it is exposed to rain, snow, salt, acid rain and other outdoor elements. It can also be affected by household toxins such as mold and mildew.

Key Reasons why you should hire a concrete cleaning company?

A professional concrete cleaning company will have the experience, equipment, and chemicals to get your surfaces looking new. They will be able to remove stubborn stains and restore the area to its original color. However, the regularity of visits depends on the current state of the material.

Newer Surfaces

If they are relatively new, then hosing down the structure yourself or someone in your facilities management team will suffice.

However, there will come a time to seek expert advice, even if it means your specialist comes simply to confirm your surfaces are well-maintained. Most of the time, your specialist will speak to you about your current cleaning and maintenance regime and estimate a time to visit again.

Obviously, the newer and more well-looked-after the surfaces are, the longer the time between visits, which means lower costs for you.

Older or Deteriorated Surfaces

Obviously, there are many types of ‘older’ or ‘deteriorated’ concrete structures. There are those that have been neglected and those that have been well-maintained but need more attention versus newer surfaces. Either way, you will need to make a plan with your concrete cleaning company to schedule regular visit. The time periods between these visits rather depends on the current state of your building or surfaces.

Examples of Concrete Cleaning Services

As mentioned, stains and tough buildups are an eyesore that ages the look of your property and reduces its curb appeal. Therefore, hiring professional concrete cleaning services removes these stains and keeps your property looking its best. However, what exactly can a concrete cleaning company offer?

Here are three examples of the most common services provided:

Stained Surfaces

Stains can be removed by applying a pH-neutral cleaner to the stain and letting it sit for several minutes. Once the stain has been treated, rinse it off with water.

Painted Surfaces

Similarly, painted concrete can be stained and cleaned by rubbing it with a pH-neutral cleaning solution. Afterwards, you can apply a sealer or wax to preserve the stain’s appearance.

Power Washing

Pressure washing is one of the most efficient ways to clean most surfaces. It saves you time and money since it rinses the dirt in one sweep.

The Key Goal: Saving Money

Regular cleaning prevents the need for frequent repairs and replacements. One of the key points to understand is that a damaged surface opens gaps for bacteria to get inside and eat away at the concrete, weakening it and causing cracks. In fact, this is a common issue for both residential and commercial properties. Therefore, if you don’t want to deal with the cost and time involved with repairs that could have been avoided or worse still, replacing your concrete, a professional cleaning service is most definitely the way to go.

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