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Empire Pressure Washing - Restaurant Pressure Washing in Dallas TX

If you’re the owner of a restaurant within Dallas or anywhere else across North Texas, you will know that a lack of cleanliness is the number one put-off for customers. Put it this way: if your windows, floors, and seating area are dirty, what do you think customers will think about the potential state of your kitchen and the cooking appliances?


Yes, they will imagine that area is dirty as well and will probably walk out rather than ordering anything.

Caesar Thumbs Up - Empire Pressure Washing Dallas Fort Worth

This is why it is of the utmost importance that every aspect of your restaurant is clean and hygienic. A bad impression will not only put off your customers, but they’re also likely to spread the word and that is not good news for your business. All you’re doing is ensuring your competitors get the custom you would have had if you kept your restaurant clean.

To ensure this never happens, call in professional restaurant cleaning services in Dallas, TX. Not just any, by the way, but those offered by our expert team at Empire pressure washing!

Restaurant Cleaning Services Dallas TX - What You Can Expect From Empire Pressure Washing

Nobody understands the importance of restaurant cleanliness more than Empire Pressure Washing. We have provided our services to countless restaurants across North Texas and they continuously call us back whenever their business needs another cleanup. In short, they’re delighted with the restaurant deep cleaning services we provide!

We can handle everything from pressure washing the exterior of your building, the sidewalks, and other outside areas to the floors, windows, and hoods inside of it. 

Our team of professional restaurant cleaners is passionate about what they do, and they take immense pride in ensuring that your establishment is not only clean but also shines with a touch of personality.

A Recipe for Success: The Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions at Empire Pressure Washing

  • Commercial Restaurant Cleaning 

A restaurant will live or die by its reputation, so a surefire way to ensure the death of your business is to neglect its cleanliness and maintenance. As the best way to ensure a good reputation? Use our effective and highly sought-after commercial restaurant cleaning services.

  • Restaurant Deep Cleaning Services

The kitchen is one area of your business where a routine cleaning will not suffice. Food particles, oil, and grime build up quickly. Ignored, this not only makes your kitchen unattractive but can also put your staff, customers, and yourself at risk of picking up food-borne diseases. 

The only way to ensure a consistently clean kitchen is to call in Empire Pressure Washing to perform our restaurant deep cleaning surfaces. We use strong cleaning solutions, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, and the most effective cleaning methods. When we’re done, you can be confident your kitchen meets the highest of cleanliness and safety standards.

  • Power Wash Kitchen Floor

The kitchen floor is the heart of any restaurant, absorbing spills and stains like a culinary sponge. Fear not, as our power wash kitchen floor service is here to the rescue. Our powerful pressure washers will make short work of stubborn stains, revealing a spotless and slip-free surface for your kitchen crew to work on.

  • Hood Cleaning Pressure Washer

Kitchen roof-top exhaust fans, flues and exhaust hoods are some of the toughest areas to clean in your restaurant. Aside from looking unsightly when they’re not cleaned regularly, they can increase the risk of kitchen fires. This is why you need to entrust the expert hood cleaning pressure washer services of Empire Pressure Washing - to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for your staff.

The Sparkling Difference: What Sets Empire Pressure Washing Apart

  • Professional Restaurant Cleaners: Our team of professional restaurant cleaners is handpicked, trained, and equipped to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges. With extensive experience, an eagerness to impress, and cutting-edge tools and solutions, our team will ensure your restaurant returns to its former glory.

  • Restaurant Cleaning Services Cost: We believe that a clean and safe environment shouldn't cost a fortune. That's why our restaurant cleaning services are competitively priced, without compromising on quality. No hidden fees, no unpleasant surprises - just transparent and affordable rates.

Spice Up Your Restaurant with Empire Pressure Washing

Join the league of satisfied restaurant owners who have tasted the magic of Empire Power Washings' restaurant cleaning services in Dallas, TX. Let us sprinkle some sparkle into your eatery, creating a dining experience that your patrons will savor, remember, and return to time and again. Contact us today to book a service that will elevate your North Texas restaurant's cleanliness to a whole new level. 

Call Empire Pressure Washing today at 817-903-0265. We will explain what our restaurant cleaning services entail, give you a quote, and happily arrange an appointment at a time that suits you best!

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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The pressure washing community in Dallas Fort Worth area typically still use the outdated methods of cleaning your home.


We utilize a safer and more effective method, new to the industry. This technique utilizes a safer process of first applying a diluted cleaning mixture based on the material being cleaned, allowing it time to work (dwell), and then gently rinsing to remove the cleaning solution, algae, mold, and other contaminants. 

This process will provide you with the best pressure washing cleaning experience on the market.


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